U18 Academy Program (2004 – 2007)

Who We Are

Our U18 Academy Training Program offers a year round professional development training program for players ages 14-17 in order to prepare players for university soccer placement and scholarship opportunities.


Callum Legge

Dalhousie University
Halifax, Canada

Jordano Pinto

Thompson Rivers University
Kelowna, Canada

Sivan Prasad

Langara College
Vancouver, Canada

Anmol Randhawa

Langara College
Vancouver, Canada

Program & Registration Information

Start Date: Year Round Program
End Date: Year Round Program
Registration Fee: $225 per month

  • Year round training program for players aged 14-17.
  • 3 Training Sessions per week/ 1 Video Analysis per week.
  • Academy team plays more than 40 games per year versus elite level amateur clubs.
  • Step by step guidance for university soccer placement opportunities.
  • Friendly matches versus local university teams to allow program participants to showcase directly in front of university coaches.
  • Most matches are filmed and available for players to download for college recruitment purposes.
  • Players can request a tryout and join at any point during the year, based on roster availability.
  • Training kits are included in the registration fee.
  • Match uniforms are returned at the end of the year.
  • Registration fees are paid monthly and players can opt out of the program at any time, without penalty.
  • No pro-rated refunds after withdrawing from the program.
  • Program accepts a maximum of 20 players.


Orix does not offer open tryouts. A player can request an individual tryout at any point in the program year at no cost. The player will be invited to train with the program for a minimum of 1 week before a determination is made on whether they are a good fit for the program.
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Orix Soccer Academy Tryout Request Form (U18):

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Terms & Conditions

    • I authorize my photograph, picture or likeness, and voice to appear in any documentary, promotion (including advertising), television, video, or radio coverage obtained during an Orix Academy training session, match or event without compensation.
    • You must accept the terms & conditions in order to continue with this registration.
  • Player Consent and Liability Waiver

    • I consent and assume all risks and hazards of and incidental to the participation in the activities of Orix Academy, and agree to indemnify the said organization and its staff and members, against all loss from any claim hereafter made against it or them or any of them arising directly or indirectly from such participation, including transportation. If my child is selected for an Orix Academy program, I will sign a hard copy player consent and liability waiver form prior to the first official Orix Academy organized program activity.
  • Covid-19 Consent and Liability Waiver

    • I understand that I will have the potential to be exposed to the risk of COVID-19 transmission while participating in ORIX SOCCER ACADEMY training, despite the measures/controls in place. I acknowledge that no plan can be considered to resolve all risks, and have been informed of the measures that ORIX ACADEMY has taken to mitigate risk to me or my athlete.
    • I understand that I am required to abide by the ACADEMY's guidelines and expectations, particularly as they relate to site screening/access, respiratory and hand hygiene, physical distancing, self isolation/quarantine, and other associated items as communicated. Failure to do so may result in removal from the Academy program.
    • I understand that while program guidelines and expectations are in place, I or my athlete may be in a situations where measures/controls are unable to be maintained including but not limited to:
      • situations where an athlete or staff member requires medical attention and/or support that demands close physical proximity or contact;
      • situations where an individual may not strictly adhere to the physical distancing protocols (e.g., an athlete spontaneously and momentarily moves closer than 2m to another athlete)