What can players expect at the Orix Pro Soccer Combines?

Orix Pro Soccer Combines are about one thing – providing aspiring professional players with an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their talents in front of decision makers from professional clubs around the world. These decision makers have the authority to offer players a professional tryout or contract during the combine.

Who will be in attendance to recruit and sign players?

In attendance will be club representatives and officials consisting of coaches sporting directors, general managers from 2nd, 3rd or lower division professional clubs. At Orix we believe this gives players the best opportunity to enter the professional game.

What are the main objectives of the free agent pro combines?

Club representatives from professional clubs are here for the sole purpose of recruiting players for their upcoming domestic seasons. in order to provide players with the best opportunity to earn a professional trial or contract, our combines are designed to take place 30-90 days before the overseas clubs begin their pre-season training. The free agent pro combines focuses on live competition to enable overseas personnel to better evaluate players in attendance.

Who will be coaching the combine squads?

Qualified local coaches will manage each camp squad to provide players in attendance a structured environment. This will in turn allow the professional clubs in attendance to focus on assessing players. Visiting overseas professional coaches will coach in some of the training sessions in order to better evaluate the players.

Will players have an opportunity to meet the visiting professional club representatives?

All players will have the opportunity to meet with the club representatives from the professional clubs during the pro career seminar held the evening before the camp begins. The pro career seminar will address topics such as contracts, federation releases (ITC), insurance, day-to-day life, and culture change in regards to playing professional soccer. The seminar will be followed by an in depth q&a session.

How and when will I be notified about the combine check-in?

Once a player’s registration is confirmed, the player will be notified by email for the exact location and time of the pro career seminar.

When and where will the combine check-in take place?

Combine check-in will begin 2 hours prior to the pro career seminar. players will receive their camp uniforms, and be notified of the team they are assigned to, the coach who will be in charge of the team and their specific combine schedule. As part of the check-in process, all participants are required to sign a waiver to participate in the combine.

What level of player should attend an Orix Pro Soccer Combine?

Orix Pro Soccer Combines are recommended for players who have played at an elite youth/amateur, collegiate or professional level.

Is there a minimum age limit to attend the combines?

There is no minimum age to attend the a combine, however, players under the age of 16 on the day the combine begins must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Will Orix Pro Soccer Combines represent players who earn trials or sign contracts?

If a player is recruited by a professional club, then upon request, Orix can refer that player to a professional agent.

Will the matches at the combine be filmed and will I be provided with a copy?

Each combine squad will have at least one of their matches filmed. Video linkF of those matches will be available for players to download after the combine.

Will there be first aid on-site at the combine facility?

First aid personnel will be on-site at all times.

Will there be discounted hotel rates and how do I book the hotel?

The official Orix combine hotel will provide a discounted rate for all players attending the Orix Pro Soccer Combine. For more information contact: info@orixacademy.com

Will transportation be provided from airport to hotel and hotel to airport?

All players in attendance will be required to provide their own transportation to and from airport and to the official combine hotel. upon request orix soccer will provide route maps and transportation information for the best options when traveling to and from the airport. For more information contact: info@orixacademy.com

Will transportation be provided from the official combine hotel to the combine facility?

Yes, except when the training facility is in walking distance from the official combine hotel (less than 1 km)

Is the general public welcome to attend the combines as spectators?

Yes, a limited number of guest passes are available at a cost of $5 per combine. spectators will not be permitted entry to the pro career seminar. guest pass requests should be forwarded to info@orixacademy.com

Does Orix Pro offer refunds?

Once payment is confirmed, refunds are available only for players with extenuating circumstances and will be reviewed by Orix Pro on a case by case basis.

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