Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please contact: info@orixsocceracademy.com

General Questions

What is the Orix Academy Mission Statement

To create alternative pathways for  players seeking opportunities to play at a professional or collegiate level.

Does Orix assess players before accepting them?

Yes, players wishing to join Orix Academy will be assessed for up to a month at no cost, before a decision is made.

Does Orix Academy offer programs other than the U18 Elite Academy Program?

Yes, Orix offers U13 & U15 Training  Programs for Boys. For more info see the PROGRAMS & TEAMS tab.

What is the location for Orix Academy training sessions?

Orix training sessions take place mostly in South Vancouver but field and gymnasium availability determines days and times. For specific days and times for the various age groups please contact see Schedules under Programs & Teams.

In which league does Orix Academy play their matches?

The U18 Elite Academy Program Team only plays league matches in Men’s Adult Leagues and plays friendlies matches during the year against, top youth clubs, amateur men’s teams and collegiate programs.

What is the BCASL?


The BCASL, The British Columbia Academies Super League, is a youth soccer league for boys and girls from U9 and upwards.
The league was formed in the Spring of 2017 as a collaboration of private soccer academies from across The Province. Initially, the league consisted of boys development teams from U9 to U12 and ran from April until the end of June. Our pilot Spring season in 2017 was a huge success and was followed up by another playing season in The Fall, between September and December.

In 2018 the BCASL was expanded to create space for several new member clubs. The league has also opened divisions for girls teams and for youth teams from U13 and up.

Programs & Teams

How is a player selected to train and play with Orix Academy?

Players wishing to join Orix Academy are welcome to attend and tryout for an Orix program for up to one month at no cost. Orix will make selections after assessing players for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 1 month.

Do players have to purchase training and match uniforms?

Each player who joins Orix is provided with a training one month after joining the program. Uniforms will be provided for league play. Players are permitted to keep the training kit, however uniforms are always returned after each game or season, depending on the program.

Can I play for Orix Academy and another team at the same time?

The U18 Elite Academy Program is a full-time program, however U13 & U15 Training Program participants may train with Orix while playing with another club or program.

Do I have to attend every training session if I am on the U18 Elite Academy Team?

For our U18 Elite Academy Program Team, training performance dictates playing time in the matches. At this level we believe it is imperative to create an environment where players must compete for positions within the group to ensure players are training at an optimum level.

Can I opt out of Orix Academy at any point and join again later if I wish?

Yes, you can opt out at any point, however, rejoining is dependent on available roster spots at the time you wish to rejoin.

Where can I find information regarding tryouts?

Information regarding tryouts can be found under PROGRAM & TEAMS tab.

How can I schedule a private session with any coach?

Speak to your program coach or contact: info@orixsocceracademy.com

Can girls join Orix Academy programs and teams?

At the moment Orix does not have complete girls teams, however, Orix does accept girls into our boys training programs and teams.

Travel To Europe

Which players or teams travel to Europe each year?

Our U18 Elite Academy Program Team travels to Europe each year.

When is the trip and destination announced each year?

Planning for the Europe begins one year in advance.

Are all players who sign up for Orix Academy U18 Elite Program required to travel to Europe?

Players are under no obligation to travel to Europe.

Are parents permitted to travel to Europe as well?

Yes, Orix Academy coordinates parent travel upon request.

Who do I contact for information about the travel teams and trip details?



Where can I find information regarding the registration process?

Information regarding registration can be found under PROGRAMS & TEAMS tab.

How do I register and pay for Orix Academy programs and teams?

Once you have been assessed and selected for a program, Orix Academy will send you a payment link via email.